Wednesday, May 18, 2011

i'm glad..

.. gud then, penting kn la diri sndiri.. selfish and etc.. i knew dis will happen.. n i'm so glad dat i'm not put a high hope on you coz almost 10 times i met a perfect girl like you but then the end it's mess up.. i wanted to tell you sumthing, i'm starting to love you but then the time should i told you then the time it's show your true colour.. i know, i felt your hatred, i felt your anger, but please dun you have any belas kasihan or tolak ansur..???? you are changed, totally changed love.. i dunno what to do n base on my experience i dun give a money for a shit, aku da letih nk tolak ansur dahh.. cukup baek dah aku ni.. x pe la, aku bkn nk kutuk kau, i didn't meant to hurt or diss you in a public or what but dis is the way i express my feels.. yes i do love you, i do.. but... it's ok then, take care n gudbye.. i won't disturb you and please go away so dat i will be more easier to delete, discard, and throw u in a rubbish.. u should understand me girl.. i love you..

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