Thursday, March 31, 2011

at last you admit..

this is one of my victory in my life, my instinct was right and i'm not accussing 'her'.. damnn i feel so happy n satiesfied with my prediction.. last morning i text her ask about that.. she admit and she appologise for it.. puas hati aku, mampos lah kau dgn perangai bodo kau tu.. lps ni ko x berubah jgk aku x tau la nk ckp ape da.. bodoh sngt kau ni.. mature lah konon..? f**k off wehh, jgn nk kencing org sngt la.. see what's hurt me the most you won't admit you wrong b***h do ur song, keep telling u was a gurl, and how dare u try take what you didn't help me to get, u selfish b***h i hope u burn die in hell for this shit.. PUAS HATI AKU..

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